Local Authority Grants and other Awards

Grayshott Concerts regularly receives awards under Hampshire County Council’s Arts Activity Funding scheme and also HCC’s Business Partnership scheme to encourage business sponsorship of the arts. In a time of austerity, these grants are especially welcome.

Awards have also been received from the Hampshire County Councillors’ Devolved Budget Fund. Grayshott Concerts was pleased to accept an award from the Tunnel Vision Fund administered by Surrey Community Foundation.

Grayshott Concerts is also delighted to acknowledge an award under Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation’s ‘Grassroots’ scheme.

We are very happy to acknowledge the enormous help we receive from our local County Councillor and District Councillor, Ferris Cowper, who has always seen fit to recommend our applications for funding from County and District. We are especially indebted to the Officers of East Hampshire District Council for their advice, encouragement and support. Although budgets are very tight at village level, even so we were delighted to receive an award from Grayshott Parish Council.

We would also like to thank ‘Awards for All’, Co-operative Community Fund, and SITA trust for awarding us funds to support our activities.

Our grateful thanks go to all our Sponsors and Funders

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