ApplegarthOur Sponsor of the Decade !

Applegarth Farm, Deli and Restaurant

We are especially indebted to Applegarth Farm who have unfailingly sponsored every event of Grayshott Concerts since our very first faltering event in 2004. Much of our success is down to their support.

Applegarth, in Headley Road, Grayshott, is an unashamedly family firm where all the members get involved in building the success of the business, which has itself grown from a ‘Pick-your-Own’ farm to the successful and highly popular Restaurant and Farmshop it is today.

So, grateful thanks to John, Stephanie, Will and Bex Benson for all your support over ten years – and dozens of concerts (not to forget 2013’s ‘Tattoo’ and past ‘Shakespearience’). You can follow their latest exploits, and menus too on:

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