Staging concerts of the exceptional high quality we aspire to, demands much hard work – and considerable investment in top flight performers. Star performers are worth their hire. They bring great delight to audiences – and keep demand for tickets sky high. Our performances often sell out weeks, sometimes months in advance.

This demand encourages audiences to sign up as Friends of Grayshott Concerts, not only to ‘support the cause’ but to gain ‘priority booking’.

Regular ‘packed houses’ can also catch the eyes of business leaders eager to expand their own markets – and if there is a suitable ‘match’ in our audience with the ‘customer profile’ of a particular business, it makes a lot of sense for that organisation to consider sponsorship, which brings benefits to both sides. If you would like to know more about Sponsorship, please ring Peter on 01428 606666

ApplegarthOur Sponsor of the Decade !

Applegarth Farm, Deli and Restaurant

We are especially indebted to Applegarth Farm who have unfailingly sponsored every event of Grayshott Concerts since our very first faltering event in 2004. Much of our success is down to their support.

Applegarth, in Headley Road, Grayshott, is an unashamedly family firm where all the members get involved in building the success of the business, which has itself grown from a ‘Pick-your-Own’ farm to the successful and highly popular Restaurant and Farmshop it is today.

So, grateful thanks to John, Stephanie, Will and Bex Benson for all your support over ten years – and dozens of concerts (not to forget 2013’s ‘Tattoo’ and past ‘Shakespearience’). You can follow their latest exploits, and menus too on: www.applegarthfarm.co.uk

Hintington HouseAlmost as long !

Huntington House Nursing Home and Langham Court Dementia Home

For over six years, Grayshott Concerts has also had the support of one of the most successful Nursing Homes in the region – Huntington House in Hindhead. Also a family run establishment, their activities are handled personally by the whole family which has worked tirelessly to provide personal nursing care of an exceptionally high standard to many in our community. Not only have Huntington supported our events but also donated wine and champagne for our interval drinks enabling us to generate an additional £5,000 for St Luke’s Church.

The family have recently developed an entirely new and specialised home for Dementia patients, Langham Court, alongside the original Huntington House. This new development takes the business in a new and exciting direction and, not unreasonably, has moved the focus of their sponsorship to new causes. We are sorry that we are losing them, but Huntington remain as major sponsors of our ‘Healer’ Project and we are privileged to have been supported, both financially and with their constant inspiration and enthusiasm.

Thank you, Geoffrey, Marilyn, Sarah and Charlie Hoare for all you have done supporting us for so long. Good luck in your new venture. Keep up to date on Huntington’s new developments at www.huntingtonhouse.co.uk

XL-erateAnd just as important

XL-erate Ltd

Our newest ‘long-term’ sponsor has now supported us for four years already. Starting as ‘guests’ of concert-goers, the XL-erate owners then became regular concert-attenders and then offered to sponsor events themselves – and have done so ever since. Viki and Andy Crocker are exceptional supporters. They sponsor every performance; they are major sponsors of our ‘Healer’ project and they also provide us with much-needed ‘management consultancy’ as we grow in stature and ambition. As Management Consultants to some of the largest and most successful organisations in the world, we are greatly privileged to have our activities supported by such an inspirational couple.

Thank you, Andy for all you do for us. Check out their website at: www.xl-erate.com

Local Authority Grants and other Awards

Grayshott Concerts regularly receives awards under Hampshire County Council’s Arts Activity Funding scheme and also HCC’s Business Partnership scheme to encourage business sponsorship of the arts. In a time of austerity, these grants are especially welcome.

Awards have also been received from the Hampshire County Councillors’ Devolved Budget Fund. Grayshott Concerts was pleased to accept an award from the Tunnel Vision Fund administered by Surrey Community Foundation.

Grayshott Concerts is also delighted to acknowledge an award under Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation’s ‘Grassroots’ scheme.

We are very happy to acknowledge the enormous help we receive from our local County Councillor and District Councillor, Ferris Cowper, who has always seen fit to recommend our applications for funding from County and District. We are especially indebted to the Officers of East Hampshire District Council for their advice, encouragement and support. Although budgets are very tight at village level, even so we were delighted to receive an award from Grayshott Parish Council.

We would also like to thank ‘Awards for All’, Co-operative Community Fund, and SITA trust for awarding us funds to support our activities.

Our grateful thanks go to all our Sponsors and Funders

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