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In the more recent versions of the Safari browser Apple have set a function by default however this could cause issues when makeing a Friends Membership purchase or Pre-reserving tickets.

You will be able to place items in your 'basket' but when you go to check out your basket will be empty.

In order to avoid this frustrating situation please disable the function that has by default been set to 'on' by Apple.

If you open the Safari browser and select 'Preferences' then in the window that opens select 'Privacy' and then ensure that the 'Prevent cross-site tracking' tick box is empty.

Once you have made this setting change please close Safari and then reopen to implement the change.

There are various opinions about this default setting introduced by Apple because it can cause issues when viewing ligitimate websites such as Grayshot Concerts.

If you would like to know more about the function of this setting please Google 'cross site tracking safari'.


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