The support of individual and corporate sponsors is essential for us to continue to stage successful events. The top-flight performers that we attract command substantial fees but are well worth it in the quality of their performance and the audiences that they attract.

Many individuals sponsor us by joining as Friends. Please Click here to view details. In return for an annual fee, the key benefit to Friends is the priority booking that they gain access to. As our concerts always sell out, this privilege is a huge incentive.

Individuals are also invited to support us by contributing to the cost of specific elements of particular performances by sponsoring the Composer for example, or perhaps the First Violin, or even the Percussionist.

There is also good reason for corporate sponsors to support us. Our audiences are a valuable demographic and reaching them through the marketing and promotion associated with Grayshott Concerts as well as with a physical presence at events is an effective conduit to place those businesses front of mind with potential customers and new clients.

Its also an excellent way for businesses to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility, by supporting a registered charity that aims to improve lives through music.

If you would like to find out more about sponsoring Grayshott Concerts, please Click here to contact us or call Peter on 01428 606666

Current Sponsors

Our grateful thanks go to all of our Sponsors and Funders including:

Applegarth Farm Restaurant Cookery School and DelicatessenApplegarth Farm, Restaurant, Cookery School & Delicatessen

We are especially indebted to Applegarth Farm who have unfailingly sponsored every event of Grayshott Concerts since our very first event in 2004. Much of our success is down to their support.

Applegarth, in Headley Road, Grayshott, is an unashamedly family firm where all the members get involved in growing the success of the business, which has itself grown from a Pick-your-Own farm to the successful and highly popular Restaurant, Cookery School and Farm Shop it is today.

Grateful thanks to John, Stephanie, Will and Bex Benson for all your support for over fifteen years and over 70 concerts (not to forget 2013's 'Tattoo' and past 'Shakespearience').

Huntington & Langham Estate, Hindhead (HLE)

Huntington and Langham Estate HindheadFor many years, Grayshott Concerts has also had the support of one of the most successful Nursing Homes in the region Huntington & Langham Estate in Hindhead. Also a family run establishment, their activities are handled personally by the whole family which has worked tirelessly to provide personal nursing and dementia care of an exceptionally high standard to many in our community.

Not only have Huntington supported our events, they have also sponsored our interval drinks for some years, enabling us to generate additional funds for St Lukes Church.

The family has recently developed an entirely new and specialised home for Dementia patients, Langham Court, alongside the original Huntington House. This new development (HLE) takes the business in a new and exciting direction and, not unreasonably, has moved the focus of their sponsorship to new causes. Huntington remain as major sponsors of our Healer and Young Musicians Projects plus our latest world-premiere event, Karl Jenkins Miserere featuring a wealth of top choral and orchestral artists in St Lukes in November 2019.

We are privileged to have their support for special events from time to time, both financially and with their constant inspiration and enthusiasm. It is a particular pleasure for us to be engaged in our latest project which regularly brings principal performers from London Mozart Players to perform recitals at HLE for the enjoyment of their residents.

Thank you, Geoffrey, Marilyn, Sarah Chapman and Charlie Hoare for all you do, supporting us for so long.

Surrey Oaks Wealth ManagementSurrey Oaks Wealth Management

Surrey Oaks, based in Crossways Road, Grayshott is a personal financial planning specialist who has joined us as a Major Sponsor in January 2019. Our focus is on you, your objectives and your priorities says Director Joel Arif.

Surrey Oaks Wealth Management, who opened their Grayshott office in 2017, offers a highly personal and proactive advisory service which follows a relationship-based financial planning philosophy.

Mr Arif says: Its a huge privilege to support such an ambitious classical concert group which brings amazing world-class performers right into the heart of our community. The events weve supported in 2019 have all proved exceptional performances especially for Grayshott residents and their friends throughout the area. Were very happy to be part of that.

Local Authority Grants and other Awards

Grayshott Concerts has received awards under Hampshire County Councils Arts Activity Funding scheme and also HCCs Business Partnership scheme to encourage business sponsorship of the arts. In a time of austerity, these grants are especially welcome.

Awards have also been received from the Hampshire County Councillors Devolved Budget Fund. Grayshott Concerts was pleased to accept an award from the Tunnel Vision Fund administered by Surrey Community Foundation.

Grayshott Concerts is also delighted to acknowledge an award under Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundations Grassroots scheme.

We are very appreciative of the enormous help we receive from our local County Councillor , Floss Mitchell and from District Councillor, Ferris Cowper, who have always seen fit to recommend our applications for funding from County and District. We are especially indebted to the Officers of East Hampshire District Council for their advice, encouragement and support.

Although budgets are very tight at village level, we were delighted to receive an award from Grayshott Parish Council.

We would also like to thank Awards for All, Co-operative Community Fund, D Hammond Trust, and SITA Trust for awarding us funds to support our activities.